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Time to escape

We welcome you...

At Escape Massage & Esthetics Studio, we celebrate the
beauty of diversity and self-care. As a Black woman-owned
oasis of tranquility, we are proud to be a space where every
shade, every story, and every soul is cherished.

Step into our world, where bohemian charm meets the
soothing embrace of self-love. Our spa is a sanctuary
dedicated to the care of your skin, the art of waxing, and the
healing touch of therapeutic massage.

In the heart of our spa, you’ll find more than just services;
you’ll find an experience rooted in the celebration of
individuality and empowerment. Our therapists and
aestheticians are committed to enhancing your natural
beauty and well-being while honoring your unique journey.

We believe that self-care is a powerful form of selfexpression,
and every treatment we offer is a brushstroke in
your masterpiece. Our bohemian aesthetic is an invitation to
explore your inner radiance and embrace your outer glow.
We are here to celebrate your beauty in all its forms, to uplift
your spirit, and to provide a haven where you can unwind,
heal, and rejuvenate. We are more than a spa; we're a
canvas for self-discovery and self-care, handcrafted with love
and expertise.